Healing Harmonies Music Therapy

Attaining Health Through Harmony


Here’s what people are saying about us…

‘Erica is not only a talented and effective therapist but treats each and every one of her clients with utmost compassion and care. She has a unique way of seeing someone’s unique potential and drawing that out in a positive way. I have great respect for the inspiration she puts into her role as a music therapist each and every day.’
—  Michelle L. –  San Diego, CA

‘Erica has shown with her patience, guidance, and love of all her special students to be one of the best examples of humanity!’
–Michelle J.- mother of client

‘Erica has been working with our residents for 5 years now and never fails to get them to smile, sing, tap a foot, or play some instruments.  She arrives with a bright smiling face and always remembers the resident’s name and personalities.  She truley is an asset to our activity schedule.’
–Karen Davis, Activities Director

‘Erica and her staff at Healing Harmonies have provided some incredible music therapy with a certain individual for whom I serve as guardian. His cognitive illness severely affects his speech but when he sings with Healing Harmonies he is lucid and understandable, not to mention very talented. In my collaboration with Erica Flores and her agency, I’ve come to learn a great deal about the healing power of music.’
–Kevin Dorsey, Corporate Guardian

‘My mother died this morning, so I wanted to let you know that. I am so grateful for the care that Alisha and Rachel have shown her. The music brought joy into her life and my only regret is that I did not sign her up sooner! I spread the word about music therapy, and Healing Harmonies, whenever possible. Your provide such a valuable service, and on a personal level, you have all been so kind and compassionate. I am also grateful for having specifically found Healing Harmonies”
–Ann R., daughter of client, Lee R.