Healing Harmonies Music Therapy

Attaining Health Through Harmony


Music therapy

The music therapy process begins with an assessment of the client’s present levels, areas of need, strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal preference.  Once functional goals and objectives are formulated the treatment process begins.  Throughout treatment data is collected to track progress or lack there-of.  When necessary the treatment plan is revised so that it continues to be appropriate for the client.  Data and progress reports are available upon request.

Adapted music lessons

Music lessons for those who may have physical or cognitive disabilities that need adaptations to music and/or the instruments.  The objective is to provide for a successful experience so that the student continues to be motivated, making it easier to focus on the task-at-hand.


This model may be used by those who would like to consult with a music therapist as to how music can be used within the home, school, or work setting to assist the client in achieving everyday goals and activities.  The therapist will then provide the families/caregivers with tools and approaches that can be implemented by them and utilized in everyday life.

Group Therapy sessions

Sometimes certain goals are difficult to achieve in a 1:1 setting.  Group therapy sessions provide for opportunities to work on social and communication skills with peers in a fun and motivating setting.