Healing Harmonies Music Therapy

Attaining Health Through Harmony


About Healing Harmonies

Healing Harmonies is a local music therapy business, created so that the community may have access to services for those in need of maintaining and/or improving their health and quality of life. Music is used to address non-musical goals by capitalizing on a client’s strengths to address areas of need.  Services are provided for children and adults with developmental disabilities and at nursing homes, specializing in working with early and late stage dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Also provided are piano, guitar, and voice lessons as well as music for children’s birthday parties.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in using the power of music to address the person as a whole, to show that there can be equality among humans, and to convert disability to ability. While using our passion for music and faith in each individual, we are committed to showing that we are all capable of accessing our inner rhythm to make our walk of life a more healthy and fulfilling journey.

Healing Harmonies_0063_ppAbout the owner Erica Flores, MT-BC, WMTR Neurologic Music Therapist

Erica Flores is from Oconomowoc, WI and graduated from Alverno College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, shortly thereafter becoming board certified.  Erica greatly enjoys working with those of all ages, abilities, and disabilities.  She believes in treating the person as a whole, recognizing that the health of mind, body, and spirit are all dependent on each other.  In her spare time, Erica enjoys spending time with her husband and son, playing piano, exercising, and traveling to Brazil to see family.

About JHealing Harmonies_0028_ppordyn Kreitzer, MT-BC, WMTR

Jordyn is from West Bend, WI. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, and became board-certified shortly after. She completed her Music Therapy Internship at The Maryland School for the Blind in Baltimore, MD in June of 2012. Her position at The Maryland School for the Blind was the launching point for her career in music therapy. As much as Jordyn loved her students in Maryland, her heart was in Wisconsin. Jordyn was thrilled to come home to Wisconsin to continue her work with Healing Harmonies Music Therapy LLC. Jordyn enjoys working with people in every stage of life, and ability. She believes that music supersedes language barriers, connecting with people in a way that words cannot.

In her spare time, Jordyn enjoys family gatherings, finding new coffee shops in Milwaukee, reading, and watching movies. She looks forward to strawberry season every summer. Her dream is to travel the world.

About Robin Hankins, MT-BC, WMTR

Robin Hankins is from Oconomowoc, WI, and she graduated from Wartburg College in 2002.   She received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education/ Music Therapy, and soon after became board-certified. Robin believes that everyone is innately musical, and enjoys using the combination of music with clients’ strengths to motivate them to reach their highest potential.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys spending time with her family, playing flute and piano at her church, exercising, reading, and completing DIY projects.




About Alisha Luymes, MT-BC, WMTR

Alisha Luymes is from Wessington Springs, SD. She graduated from Northern State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and went on to graduate from the University of Iowa in 2017 with a Master’s of Arts Degree in Music Therapy. She completed her internship at West Music in Davenport, IA, becoming board-certified shortly after. Alisha enjoys working with those of all ages and abilities, children through older adults. She believes that music has the power to touch all aspects of a person and meet their needs, and she believes in using a person-centered approach, including meeting individuals where they are at and capitalizing on their strengths. In her spare time, Alisha enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, crafting (knitting, beading, etc.), baking, and playing keyboard on the worship team at her church.