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Welcome to Healing Harmonies Music Therapy

When first hearing about music therapy, many people ask, “What is music therapy?  Is it where you sit and play Beethoven for people to make them feel better?”  Well, that is only a small fraction of what music therapy could be.  Music therapy is defined as the use of prescribed music interventions created by qualified personnel to address non-musical goals and objectives.  The type of music and how it is used largely depends on the musical preference of a person as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of need of that person.

Healing Harmonies operates under the beliefs that:

Music is innate

Music is natural and it is within each and every one of us since before birth.  Our legs walk, our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, and our bodies live to our own rhythm of life.  A music therapist will assist in accessing that inner rhythm, using that rhythm to improve our daily health and quality of life.

Music is Universal

Even when two people cannot speak the same language, or maybe even can’t communicate verbally at all, music provides for a safe and non-threatening form of communication.  A music therapist will assist in developing and facilitating this communication.

Music is the organizer and the energizer

In a world of chaos and nonsense, music provides structure.  It is present and in time, very often even predictable, giving those with disabilities whose lives appear to be more chaotic and unstructured than others the security of knowing what has been and what is to come.

Music is the motivator

Music pushes us further and harder than we ever thought we were capable of.  Stroke victims learn to walk faster and speak sooner with the assistance of music.  Children with autism or ADD who have difficulties with staying on task learn and stay focused easier when motivated by music.  Residents who reside in a nursing home are often highly motivated to come out of their rooms to participate in music, giving them the social experience and cognitive stimulation that is so needed at that time in life.

In summary, Healing Harmonies believes that music grounds us.  It connects us.  It moves us.  It motivates us.

As you search through the Healing Harmonies website, you will learn:

What music therapy is and the benefits of it

Who can benefit from music therapy services

Why music therapy is effective, and

Where music therapy services can be provided.

You will also be able to view how the services are provided, what types of services are provided, as well as questions that are frequently asked about music therapy.  Should you have any questions regarding services, please feel free to contact Healing Harmonies by clicking the “Contact” link and submitting your contact information.

It is the goal of Healing Harmonies to assist all in successfully attaining health through harmony!